Class Action Gradebook
Secondary Edition

I have the Class Action Grade Book installed on my school PC and love it! It is such a timesaver. Thanks for your help. I recommended the program to a member of my team and she is also happy with the program.

Jamie Diefendorf
St. Gabriel Elementary
Charlotte, NC

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Well, it is the end of my first semester using the College Edition of Class Action, and so first I want to say how much simpler your program makes my life. The flexibility that this program allows and the straightforward intuitive structure are wonderful!

Donna Spehar
Texas Tech University

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Class Action's Secondary Edition is designed for teachers who teach single subject classes. Classes can be organized into assignment categories, such as classwork, participation, and tests, and grades can be calculated on a weighted or unweighted basis.

Scores can be entered and displayed as points, letters, or percents. Assignments can be excused and marked late. You can create custom attendance codes to meet your needs.

Class Action is extremely flexible: Any part of your class configuration, including students, assignment categories, attendance codes and dates, and grading system can be altered at any time. You can begin new grading periods carrying forward student information and maintaining an average of two or more grading periods.

Reports can be printed, emailed, or (using our Web Service) posted on the web. They include customizable student reports, parent letters, assignment reports, missing assignment reports, and attendance reports. Reports can be customized and printed in English or Spanish.

Information you enter is automatically saved, and backup files are automatically created to ensure the safety of your data.

Telephone and email support is free.

An individual license allows installation both at home and at school. Group, site, and district licenses are available. Email or call 831 239 5521 for pricing.

Class Action Reports, a separate program, can be used at the administrative level to create class lists and automatically generate report cards from teachers' classes.

I just wanted to let you know that your Class Action Gradebook is by far the best software I have ever seen for teachers. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I called her last night after downloading it to thank her profusely for the recommendation.
Now, if a parent asks me why his/her student got a certain grade, I can show them very easily, instead of whipping out the old grade book and trying to muddle through the numbers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Crystal Ruzicka
Chippewa Falls, WI