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Bookc.gif Contents
    btopic.gif Introduction to Class Action Gradebook
    Bookc.gif Getting Started - A Brief Tour of Class Action
       btopic.gif Start Here
       btopic.gif Assignment Categories
       btopic.gif Attendance Categories
       btopic.gif Entering and Editing Information
       btopic.gif Creating Your First Class
       btopic.gif One Last Thing...
       btopic.gif Weighted Vs. Unweighted Grades
    Bookc.gif Letters, Report, and Graphs
       btopic.gif Class Action Reports
       btopic.gif The Student Report
       btopic.gif Parent Letters
       btopic.gif Assignment Reports
       btopic.gif Proficiency and Deficiency Notices
       btopic.gif Attendance Reports
       btopic.gif Student Progress Graph
       btopic.gif Posting Reports on the Web
       btopic.gif Assignment Graph
       btopic.gif Class Graph
       btopic.gif Printing Student and Assignment Information
       btopic.gif Keeping a Daily Journal
       btopic.gif Adding Comments to a Report
       btopic.gif E-Mailing Reports to Parents or Students
    Bookc.gif Beginning a New Grading Period
       btopic.gif Create a New Class
       btopic.gif Begining a New Grading Period
       btopic.gif Averaging Two Grading Periods and a Final
    Bookc.gif Making Changes in Your Class
       btopic.gif Changing Category Information
       btopic.gif Adding or Removing Assignments
       btopic.gif Adding or Removing a Student
       btopic.gif Changing Seat Size
       btopic.gif Changing Class Action's Color Scheme
       btopic.gif Changing the Student Name Column Width
       btopic.gif Changing Weighted/Unweighted
       btopic.gif Adding or Deleting Categories
    Bookc.gif Grading Options
       btopic.gif Calculating Grades
       btopic.gif Changing Category Weights
       btopic.gif Change Your Grading Scale
       btopic.gif Color Coding Scores & Grades
       btopic.gif Curving an Assignment
       btopic.gif Dropping Low Scores
       btopic.gif Entering Grades
       btopic.gif Excusing an Assignment
       btopic.gif Giving Extra Credit
       btopic.gif Standards Base Grading (Numerical Grades)
       btopic.gif Weighting an Individual Assignment
       btopic.gif Removing an assignment category from calculation
    Bookc.gif Web Service and Email
       btopic.gif Introduction to Web Service
       btopic.gif Uploading Reports and Messages
       btopic.gif Rembering Passwords
       btopic.gif Setting Up Email
    Bookc.gif Sharing Information with Other Programs and Classes
       btopic.gif Importing Student Information
       btopic.gif Importing and Exporting Data
       btopic.gif Transfering a Student to Another Class
       btopic.gif Transfering Assignments to Another Class
       btopic.gif Importing Assignments from Blackboard
    Bookc.gif Attendance
       btopic.gif Enter Attendance Information
    Bookc.gif Backing Up and Emailing Class Files
       btopic.gif Automatic Backup
       btopic.gif Emailing Class Files
    Bookc.gif How To...
       btopic.gif Add or Delete Class File Tabs
       btopic.gif Arrange Seats in the Classroom
       btopic.gif Get Statistics
       btopic.gif Get Student Information
       btopic.gif Password Protect Your Class
       btopic.gif Save a File

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