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Add or Remove Students

Adding students to a class

To add one or more students to a class, choose the “Add Students…” command from the Class Menu.

Enter the number of students you wish to add in the box. You may add up to 99 students at one time (repeating the process as many times as you need). “Above selection” adds new student rows above a cell you have selected. “To end of list” adds rows at the bottom of the class.

Removing a student from your class

Class Action provides two methods of removing students from a class, “Archive Selected Student” and “Delete Selected Student.”

Archive Selected Student

If you wish to retain information about the student, use the “Archive Selected Student” command in the Class menu.

The “Archive Selected Student” places the character “@” in from of the student's name. Scores and grades are “frozen” so that subsequent assignments have no effect.

Restore Archive

Should a student return, you can use the “Restore Archive” command. Click on the archive you wish to restore and choose “Restore Archive…” from the Class Menu.

Delete Selected Student

If you wish to permanently remove all information about a student, use the “Delete Selected Student” command.

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