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Uploading Reports and Messages:
Select the report you wish to upload from the Web/Email menu. Be sure you are connect to the web. Dialup users need to dial out before uploading.
Select "Upload Student Reports to Web" from the Web/Email menu.
You'll be asked to login:
Image WebSignInDia.GIF
If you haven't signed in before, click OK and enter your email address and create a password:
Image WebAccountSetupDia.GIF
You'll see instructions for web login:
Image WebTeacherLoginInfo.GIF
Select the report you want to upload and students to be included.
If you list student or parent emails, login information will be emailed directly to them and you'll receive a copy. If you use ID numbers, then login information will be emailed to you only. If you are using the Sample Class, change one of the email addresses to your own to see an example of the login information email that is sent to students.
Image WebStudentUploadList.GIF
Class Action will create or update student accounts as necessary and upload reports.
Image WebUploadAttempts.GIF

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