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Entering, Displaying, and Printing Attendance Information
To set up attendance, select "Setup Attendance" from the Attendance menu. The first two dialogs let you choose beginning and ending days for your class. The next two allow you to set the days of the week your class meets and the attendance codes you will use.
Entering Attendance from the Classroom View
Attendance Information can be entered in the Classroom View, using the Display Attendance Pop-up menu.
After you have select a date by choosing "Today's Attendance" or "Select Date" from the Display Attendance Pop-up menu or from the Attendance menu, each student seat will display any attendance code that has already been entered.
To enter an attendance code, right click on a seat and select a code from the pop-up menu
You can add, delete, or edit attendance code by selecting "Change Codes" from either the Display Attendance pop-up menu or the Attendance menu.
Entering Attendance from the Attendance Gradebook
Select a month from the Attendance menu. Right-click on a cell, and select a code from the pop-up menu.
Two reports are available from the Attendance Menu - the Daily Attendance Report and the Student Attendance Report. Attendance information is also included in The Student Report, Parent Letters, and Proficiency and Deficiency Notices.

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