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This “tour” is designed to quickly familiarize you with the way Class Action looks and works.  It will not attempt to cover all of Class Action 's features, but will give you the knowledge you need to get going. It will use the “Sample Class” file found in the Class Action Folder. If you have not opened it, please do so now by double clicking on the Sample Class Icon.

Now select the "Math" subject tab “Grade Summary” category tab. The Class Action Summary area will appear.

The Grade Summary Area

(Weighted Assignment Categories)

Image SummaryWt.GIF

Below the Title Bar is a list of students and a summary of their grades. “Math” has been divided into Homework, Classwork and Tests. You can divide your class into as many or as few subject areas as you wish. Each subject is divided into assignment categories Each category has been weighted: homework 35%, classwork 25%, tests 40%) or grade on a total point system. To see what the summary looks like when categories are weighted, select "Weighted Categories" from the Grading menu.

You can also grade on a points basis. Click "Reading" to see an example of un-weighted assignment categories.


Image SummaryUnwt.GIF

Sarah has accumulated a total of 295 points, 98.3% of the points available in her assignments. Note that because students are at different levels and have different assignments, she her percentage is not based on the entire 1100 points.  On the grading scale used by "A Sample Class,” Sarah has earned a letter grade of “A+.”

All the grade information in the summary has been computed by Class Action.
The next stop on our tour is Assignment Categories.

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