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Save a File

There are three commands in the File Menu that save your work. The “Save” command will save changes you have made. If you close a class or quit Class Action before saving, Class Action will ask you if you wish to save your changes.

The second command is the “Save As…” command. It is useful when you wish to make a duplicate of your file. A dialog box allows you to name your copy (if you do not give it a different name, it will replace your old file).

Class Action 's “New Grading Period” command in the File Menu is similar to the “Save As…” command but allows you are great deal of flexibility as to what will be saved. It is especially useful when beginning a new grading period or class. How to Create a New Class and How to Begin a New Grading Period  to find out how to use the “New Grading Period” command.

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