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Automatic Backing Up of Your Class Files
Although in recent years operating systems and hardware have become much more stable, it is still important to make periodic backups. Class Action automates the process by creating a backup of your classes each time you close them.
When you close a class file, Class Action writes a backup to a folder named Class Action Backups on your "C" drive. Backup files will have the same name as your class file, except that the names will begin with A, B, C, or D. After four backup files have been created, the next file will begin with A again, overwriting the previous A file. This means that there will always be four backups to each of your classes.
If you want to change the name and location of your backup folder, select "Change Backup Location" from the file menu. Be sure to enter a complete path, such as "C:\Class Action Backups".
Periodic backups should also be made to another location, in case you should lose your hard drive. You can use "Save As" in the File menu to save your file to another disk, you email your class file using "Email Class File" in the File menu.

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