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Class Action Reports

Reports and Graphs Concerning Individual Students

Class Action has creates four "report cards" for individual students, the Student Report, Parent Letter, Proficiency Report, and Deficiency Report. They share the same format and capabilities. A fifth report the Subject Report displays more detailed information on an individual subject.

Attendance information (if you keep it) is automatically included in each report.

Individualized comments can be automatically added to every report concerning a particular student.

Reports can be printed or e-mailed individually or automatically printed or e-mailed to an entire class.

For more information, see Parent Letters, The Student Report, Report CardsProficiency and Deficiency Notices, How To E-Mail Reports to Parents, and How to Add Comments to a Report.

Assignment Reports and Graphs

Students can be listed in the assignment report by name or ID number and can be sorted by rank, name or ID number.

Assignments can be graphed as either Bar or Pie charts.

For more information, see Assignment Reports and Assignment Graph.

Reports and Graphs Concerning the Entire Class

The Summary and Assignment Categories can be printed with either student names or numbers using the Print menu and Bar or Pie charts of the class's grade distribution can be printed by creating them using the Graph menu.
Attendance Reports
Class Action creates two attendance report, a daily report and an individual student report. For more information, see Attendance Reports for more information.
Attendance is also included in individual student reports.

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