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The Assignment Report

To create a report about a single assignment, select any cell in the assignment's column click on the “Assignment Report” tab. Class Action  will create a window named “Assignment Report” similar to the report below which was taken from “A Sample Class.


Image AssignReport.GIF

Using Student Numbers

If you have entered student ID numbers for your students you can display them in place of your students' names (see Student Info Dialog to learn how to enter student numbers). Just click on the “Use Student Numbers” button in the report Control Panel. To show names again, click on the same button (which now says “Use Names”).


If you are displaying students by name, you may wish to alphabetize the list without alphabetizing the list in the main grade book. You can do this with the “Sort” button on the report Control Panel.

If you are using student numbers, the “Sort” button will sort your students by number.

You may sort your students by rank by clicking the "Rank" button.

For an overview of Class Action's reports, see Class Action Reports.


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