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Assignment Categories/Standards
Traditional Grading

Class Action stores and displays student assignments in Assignment Categories. A Sample Class has three, Homework, Classwork, and Tests. For you own classes, you may have as many or as few as you need.

Scores can be entered and displayed as points, percents, or letters and can be displayed as combinations.

Click on the "Tests" tab.

Image AssignCatPointslJPG.GIF

Scores are displayed as letters and points. Click the Points Button.

Image AssignCatPointsJPG.GIF

Or the Percents Button.

Image AssignCat%JPG.GIF

Or Letters.

Image AssignCatLettersJPG.GIF

Or Points and Percents.

Image AssignCatPoints%JPG.GIF


Standards Based Grading

Subjects can be divided into standards and rubrics entered for each assignments. The Standards Based Sample Class uses a 1 to 4 rubric, but Class Action allows as many a seven rubric scores to be used.

Image AssignCatStandards.GIF

To get complete information about an assignment, double click on an assignment column, or select an assignment and click on the Assignment Information button.


Image AssingmentInfo.GIF

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