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Create a New Class

Class Action offers two methods of creating classes, “New” and “Begin New Grading Period.”

If a similar class does not exist, use the “New” command in the File Menu. This technique is described in detail in the section Creating Your First Class.

If a similar class already exists, or if you are carrying an existing class into a new grading period, it will be easier to use the "Clone" or “Begin New Grading Period” command in the File Menu. See How To Begin a New Grading Period.

Using “Clone”

If you have several similar classes, create the first class using the “New” command as described in the “Setting Up Your First Class” section. Then use the “Clone” command to set up the rest of your classes.

The Save dialog will use the previous class's name with "(clone)" appended so that your existing class won't be overwritten. Change the name to that of your new class.

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