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Subject Report
Class Action's Subject Report allows you to communicate detailed information on an individual subject.

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Under each standard is information about its assignments and grades. In this example, a different way of displaying data has been chosen for each category.

Analysis, Fluency, & Vocabulary:

Every assignment is displayed individually. Assignment titles are taken either from the assignment information area or, if no information has been entered there, from the top of the gradebook assignment column.


The first line lists the average proficiency level. Underneath is a list of missing assignments. The names of these assignments are the names entered into the assignment information window. If you have not entered assignment name information, Class Action  will use the Assignment ID you entered in the gradebook.

Literary Response and Analysis:

Only summary information is displayed.


You can use the customize dialog (below) to choose whether or not an overall average is displayed.

Customizing Your Report

Click on the "Customize Report" button on the Control Panel. You will see the following dialog. Radio buttons allow you to choose how information in each category will be displayed.

Image Customize Report DiaSB.GIF

Adding Individualized Comments to Your Report

Individualized comments to be entered in advance for each student in a class. Student Reports, Parent Letters, Subject and Proficiency and Deficiency Notices will contain these comments.

See How to Add Comments to a Report for more information.

Printing Your Report

You may print only the displayed report, or you may automatically print reports for an entire class. To Print the displayed report, click the “Print Student” button on the Control Panel. To Print reports for the entire class, click the “Print Class” button. For fast printing (and longer ribbon or ink cartridge life) choose the “faster” button in the print dialog. With most printers this setting will produce good looking reports.

E-Mailing Your Report

If you have entered an e-mail address in the Student Information Dialog, reports can be automatically attached to e-mails and sent during your next e-mail session. Click the "E-Mail Student" button to send to an individual student, or the "E-Mail Class" button to send to all members of your class for which e-mail address have been entered. For more information, see How To E-Mail Reports to Parents.

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