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The design of Class Action Gradebook is based on two things that you are already familiar with - your classroom and your gradebook.
When you open a class (start with "A Sample Class - Traditional" or "A Sample Class - Standards Based" in your Class Action folder - see our "tour" below) you will see the "Classroom View" or seating chart. Seats can be alphabetized, randomized, grouped, or just dragged where you want them. Grades and assignments can be displayed (or not). Assignment Scores and attendance information can be entered directly into student seats.
The top row of tabs allows you to access subjects. Click on one and use the next row to access seats, grades, scores and reports.
Following the classroom tab (tabs are above the classroom) are tabs representing the gradebook. The first is the Grade Summary, followed by tabs named after assignment categories or standards. In your own class, you can have as many or as few categories as you need.
The Grade Summary view gives you an overview of each student's grades and missing assignments. It can be printed out (displaying either students' names or ID numbers) and is especially useful when you are making out report cards. You can enter student names directly into the gradebook here, or by double clicking on a name, enter or view more detailed information about a student.
The next  tabs in the second row open views of assignment categories or standards. Grade information can be entered for each assignment. More detailed information about an assignment can be viewed by double clicking on an assignment column.
The last five tabs open reports. Select a student in either the classroom or gradebook and click a tab to view a report on that student. Select an assignment in the gradebook and click on the "Assignment Report" tab to view an assignment report.
Reports can be printed for a single student or an entire class or e-mailed to parents with the click of your mouse.
For a tour of Class Action, Start Here.
For more about Class Action's reports and graphs, see Class Action Reports.

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