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File menu commands
The File menu offers the following commands:
New Creates a new class.
Open Opens an existing class..
Close Closes an opened class.
Save Saves changes in an opened class. See How to Save a File for more information.
Save As Saves a copy of a class under a new name. See How to Save a File for more information.
Auto Save When checked, you class will be automatically saved every three minutes.
Save Summary As Web Page Saves you summary page in HTML, so that it can be posted on a web site or sent as an e-mail attachment.
New Grading Period Creates a new class similar to an existing class, or allows information to be carried forward to a new grading period. See Create a New Class and Begin a New Grading Period
Print Preview Displays the document on the screen as it would appear printed.
Print Setup Selects a printer and printer connection.
Password See Password Protect Your Class
Import Import Information from other sources.
Export Export Information to other programs
Exit Exits Class Action.

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