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Curve an Assignment

You can scale or “curve” scores on an assignment. by choosing “Curve Assignment…” from the Grades Menu. The following window will open:


Image Curve.GIF

Scores have been sorted from highest to lowest. The three columns on the right are examples to give you an idea of what curve factor you might want to use. Curve factors from .01 to .99 raise scores. The lowest scores are raised the most, and no score will go above the maximum points available for the assignment. Curve factors above 1.00 lower scores.

You can test different factors by typing them into the “Enter Factor” box and clicking the “Display Curve” button. When you find the curve you want, click the “Curve Assignment” button, and new scores will appear in your gradebook.

You may restore the original scores at any time by clicking the “Restore Scores” button.

The “Rounding” button allows you to choose to display scores to tenths (93.6) or rounded to integers (94).

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