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E-Mailing Reports to Parents
Class Action makes it easy to keep in touch with parents by e-mail. Enter an e-mail address in the Student Information view (double click on a student's name to bring it up).
Select a student in either the Classroom or Gradebook and click on the tab of the report you want to e-mail.
Customize the report using the "Change Display" button. Add comments if you want by selecting "Report Comments" from the Grading menu.
Click the "E-mail Student" button. You will be asked to save the report in HTML form. HTML is the language used by web browser. Using HTML insures that any computer with a web browser will be able to read the report.
After you have saved the report, you will be given an opportunity to change the default message that accompanies it. The report will be sent as an attachment to the message to insure that its original formatting will be maintained.
To e-mail reports to your entire class, click "E-Mail Class". You will see a list of class member with e-mail address so you can choose eliminate anyone you don't want the report sent to (if it is a deficiency or proficiency notice, only students above or below the cutoff will be checked).
You can choose to request a receipt by checking the "Request Receipt" box in the email configuration dialog (see Setting Up Email).
When you email, you can also have a copy of the email and the students to whom it was sent emailed to yourself.
When you first use Class Action's new email, you will be asked for information to allow it to connect to your internet service provider's mail server (you'll only have to do this once!). For setup instructions, see Setting Up Email.

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